1. How do I join the BDSwiss Partners program?

    Registering with BDSwiss is simple, you just need to follow these simple steps:

    • Sign Up for our partner program
    • Input all the required information
  • Please read our T&C and Marketing Guidelines carefully and thoroughly before agreeing
  • An affiliate manager will contact you personally after you complete your registration
  1. Which websites do you accept on your Affiliate program?

    We accept websites that focus on Forex, CFD´s, Crypto currencies, trading and general finance. Websites that are not related to our products, or ones that are not compliant with our Affiliate agreement cannot be approved.
    Here you will find the link to our T&Cs and Marketing Guidelines.

  2. I don’t have a website or a blog. Can I still join the affiliate program?

    It depends on your marketing activity. Our support team will review your online presence and/or marketing activity and inform you of the requirements you would need to fulfill in order to complete your registration.

  1. I have more than one website. Should I create separate accounts for each URL?

    We recommend that you create one account for all your websites. Please list your websites to your affiliate manager as the marketing activity in each website needs to be reviewed for compliance.

  1. How much will I be able to get? How is the profit calculated?

    An affiliate can choose one of the two types of payment plans:

    • CPA – you will receive a fixed commission for every verified and qualified trader who trades with real money and has registered via a web terminal over the last 12 months.
    • Revenue Share – an affiliate gets up to 50% of the broker’s GR during the trading lifetime of their referrals.
  1. What payment options are available for affiliates?

    Our two payment options are Skrill and Bank wire.

  1. What kinds of reports do you have available?

    Under the “Reports” tab on your affiliate dashboard you can find extensive reports for your campaign, these are:

    • Media Report: This shows your Campaign’s general performance within a set period. Here you are able to see which LP (in which country) generated you’re the majority of sign-ups.
    • Registration Report: This shows the registrations generated on a per client basis by your campaign within a set period.
  1. What marketing material do you offer and where can I find them?

    BDSwiss offers a wide range of conversion-focused promo material. Under the “Marketing Tools” tab on your affiliate account you can browse the various landing pages, banners, logos & call-to-action buttons we provide. You can also specify the language in which you want the material to be displayed.

  2. Can I use one tracking link on multiple websites?

    Yes, you can use your tracking link on multiple websites. If you’d like to keep better track of your which websites bring in clients, please ask your affiliate manager to explain how you can create an additional tracking parameter for each link.

  1. What are tracking parameters?

    Tracking parameters are alterations to your tracking links which allow you to pinpoint which website generates clicks or what the conversion rate for that website is.

  1. When do I get paid?

    • Before the first payout is processed you will have to upload your KYC documents for compliance reasons. Please make sure that you are uploading the correct documents. A distinction is made between individual and incorporate affiliates.
    • Payouts are made once per month – during the first 10 working days from the beginning of the month. Payments are sent via Skrill or Bank Wire. Please make sure that your payment profile is correctly filled out.
    • Once per month your available commission balance is moved from the affiliate tracking solution to your actual account on the BDSwiss platform. You will be able to request the available balance in your BDSwiss account at any time, and withdraw it via bank wire, or through Skrill.
    • The balance on your affiliate account needs to be over 100$.
  2. What are the requirements to get paid?

    • Before the first payout is processed you will have to upload your KYC documents for compliance reasons. Please make sure that you are uploading the correct documents here: https://account-eu.bdswiss.com/documents.
  1. Which documents are necessary for individual or incorporate affiliates?

    • Individual
      • Proof of Residence
      • Proof of Identity
    • Incorporate
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Certificate of Directors & Shareholders
      • KYC of all directors & KYC for Shareholders with > 10% shares
  2. How can I set my payment info?

    • You can set your payment info by accessing the “Manage Account” section in your account and then go to the “Payment Details” tab


How can I contact the affiliate support team?

You can contact our support team from your Dashboard; you can get the contact details from your Affiliate Manager. Your Affiliate Manager will be in contact with you as soon as your request is received.

Didn’t get an answer to your questions?

Our dedicated Affiliates Support Team is always here to help, please send your question [email protected]