Now that your account has been successfully set up and your trading account has an account balance, we want to introduce you to some of the basic functions and settings of the software (MetaTrader 4) and show you how to trade using it.

Please be aware that the following examples and graphics are for illustration purposes only and should not be considered as trading advice.

1. Choose your trading platform

You can trade CFDs with BDSwiss on a number of different platforms. These include the standard MT4 platform as well as mobile and web versions. All platforms can be used in parallel.

  • Go to webtrader (no download required)
  • Download Version of MT4 for your PC
  • PC
  • or   MAC
  • Download our MT4 mobile app for iOS
  • iOS
  • or   Android

2. Sign in with your access data for MT4

Your login details have been sent to your email account. They will be similar to the following:

  • Username: 12345678
  • Password: NyXJ4sU
  • Server: BDSwiss-Live-Server

3. Open the order window by clicking on “New Order” in the toolbar (Alternatively F9 key in the desktop version)


1. Selection of underlying asset (required)

A drop-down menu gives you the opportunity to select your desired underlying asset.

2. Volume (required)

From a pre-defined list, you can select the number of standard contracts (lots) you wish to trade.

Always make sure that the size is correct for what you wish to trade.

3. Stop-Loss and Take-Profit (optional)

To successfully place an order, it is not necessary to determine a Stop-Loss or a Take-Profit.

However, you do have the option to set these levels so that your position will close automatically upon reaching certain levels. A detailed description can be found HERE.

4. Type (optional)

By default, the “instant execution” feature is active. If you wish to place an order only at a certain price, you need to select “pending order”.

A detailed description can be found HERE.

5. Price tolerance (optional)

You can give your order a price tolerance. In volatile markets it is of particular advantage.

A detailed description can be found HERE.

6. Sell/Buy (required)

With the Buy and Sell buttons, you define your desired position, if you believe that the price will rise or fall.

Important: By clicking on one of the two buttons, you will complete your order and your position will be opened.

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