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Can I deposit using a friend’s / relative’s payment method?

In case you make a deposit using a card/bank account that is not in your name, we require additional documents to be provided before allowing you to use these funds in trading. In case you are already trading with these funds, you have up to 10 days from the date of the deposit to provide us with the necessary documentation, otherwise your account will be suspended from trading (irrespective of whether there are open positions or not).

The required documents in this case are:

  • Your verification documents
  • Third party’s Identification Document (such as Passport or ID Card)
  • Authorisation letter, completed and signed by both (can be emailed to you by the Customer Support Team)
  • Proof of Payment (copies of the used card, bank statement)
  • In some cases, a specimen form may be required to confirm the client’s and/or the 3rd party signatures

Please be aware that it remains at BDSwiss’ discretion to accept or reject such deposits, if we are not satisfied with the provided documentation and/or for any other reasons.

You can contact our Customer Support Team for further information and/or in order to provide these documents via email at [email protected].

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