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Why was my credit/debit card deposit declined?

There are a number of reasons why your Credit/Debit card may have been declined:

  • Your transaction may have been rejected by your card’s issuing bank, please check with your bank;
  • You may have gone over your daily transaction limit or exceeded the card’s available credit/debit;
  • You may have entered an incorrect digit for the card number, expiry date or CVV code, please verify that these are correct;
  • Your transaction may have been refused due to insufficient funds in your card.

You may not have provided the 3D verification code and/or did not complete the 3D Security steps for the transaction to be completed.

Finally, please check with your card issuer to ensure that your card has been authorized for online transactions and that there are not any protections in place that are preventing us from charging it.

If your transaction is rejected by your card issuer, then you should contact them to find out the exact reason.

If you, however; believe that your payment method is valid and everything is in order, please try redepositing again. You may also try depositing using a different card or a different payment method.

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