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What happens when I want to cancel my VPS?

Users can cancel their VPS subscription from the Dashboard. In the Plan tab of the VPS section, the chosen plan will be highlighted with an associated ‘Cancel’ button. Clicking ‘Cancel’ will bring up a pop-up confirming the VPS will be lost by the end of the billing cycle.

Please note, there is no option to reactivate the subscription, but users can subscribe to a new plan after the end of the current billing cycle. Clicking the ‘Proceed’ button will finalize the process and cancel the VPS subscription.

Important Note: Cancellation does not take immediate effect so clients have the ability to take appropriate action before their Expert Advisor(s) stops working. Clients should be aware that they could potentially have open positions/pending orders remaining in the market. If canceling the VPS service, clients should ensure they are fully aware of all pending/open orders on their account as a result of their cancellation, to avoid unintended market exposure.

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